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METRO's 4-wheeled mobility scooters provide both style and versatility. You can choose from a variety of mobility scooters. Metro mobility makes life easier and more manageable.


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    • Front & Rear LED Light
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Buying Guide - How to choose the right mobility scooter.

A mobility scooter is a travel tool as well as a lifestyle choice. It's important to pick a scooter that suits your needs, and your lifestyle.

Let me take you to a quick understanding of mobility scooter. They are built for people who have trouble walking or getting around, but don't quite need a power wheelchair yet. Mobility scooters can be ideal if you have limited mobility but still want to be able to visit friends and family nearby, do your shopping or get around town without relying on others to help you get around.

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Mobility Scooter Options:

Indoor or Outdoor Use:

The first thing you need to confirm before purchasing. You should evaluate the reason(s) before purchasing one for yourself or someone else. Consider where you will utilize it? How come I need it? Does it give me a feeling of comfort? If you plan to use the mobility scooter indoors, you may want to choose one with better corner maneuverability. A three-wheel scooter is more advised because it is more adaptable in confined places. From a stability standpoint, select a four-wheel scooter with smaller wheels and a smaller turning radius. To make sure the scooter will fit through the door, measure it. Four-wheel mobility scooters are strongly advised for outside use as they handle bumps and rough terrain better. However, whether it has three or four wheels, the ride will be smoother due to larger and pneumatic wheels.

However, a lot of consumers worry about safety. We frequently get inquiries as, "Do the 3-wheel mobility scooters topple over when in use? In fact, three-wheel mobility scooters are less stable than four-wheel ones.

From a safety standpoint, METRO Mobility currently focuses on 4-wheel mobility scooters.

Let's look at the most prevalent models available now after learning the distinction between three and four wheels.

A.Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding mobility scooters can be folded or unfolded easily and travel ready due to it’s compact design. They’re also easy to storage because it fits in small spaces very well.

But it only has the basic functions with shorter driving range, lower weight capacities, and there is no comfort features like basket, adjustable seats.

B.Travel Scooters

The most common size for general outdoor and limited inside use is the travel scooter. Like foldable scooters, they are lightweight, transportable, and prepared for travel. However, provide larger driving ranges and more comfortable features.

Portable Travel Scooters

These scooters may be disassembled for transportation and are frequently smaller, lighter, and less expensive than other scooter types. Additionally, they can be used in locations with smooth, flat surfaces, like retail malls, due to their relatively tiny solid tires. However, the size is not so large because it is portable. Therefore, before making a purchase, make sure to verify the maximum load-bearing capacity. If you are particularly tall or overweight, a scooter of this type might not be the ideal option for you. Furthermore, the maximum forwarding speed is often 4.97 mph.

The most popular products we sell are portable travel scooters, which are referenced by METRO as the M1 LITE, M1, and MAX SPORT.

Outdoor Travel Mobility Scooter

Compared to portable travel scooters, this type of travel scooter features an additional wind cover on the front half. They have been improved and updated in terms of tires and seats, which makes them a viable option for usage on surfaces other than paved ones.

Typically, they include a padded seat, night lighting, a shopping basket, and pneumatic tires (pneumatic tire with aluminum alloy wheel hub).

They give the rider a more pleasant experience. This sort of mobility scooter should be prioritized if driving comfort is a concern for you.

PATRIOT and MAX PLUS are METRO's standard models.

C.Heavy Weight Mobility Scooter

More suitable for tall and heavy users and offers comfort features of all. Perfect for outdoors use. They offer luxury, soft suspension, more legroom and power. They are more capable of being used more robustly on uneven terrain, steep hills and over longer distances.

This type scooter is ideal for people who have trouble working long distance and intend to use this product for a long time. But their price is much higher than other scooters.

Reference model of METRO: S700, S800.

Performance and Operation:


·Before making a purchase, consider the following:

·Turning Radius:A smaller turning radius makes it simpler for you to move and operate in confined spaces. Smaller places, like the hallway, are easier to enter and exit. The smaller scooter typically has a tighter turning radius.

·Leg Room:A scooter must meet this fundamental need in order to be suitable for a taller individual.

·Tire Type and Size:A mobility scooter is more stable when its tires are larger in size. A completely different riding sensation is provided by pneumatic and solid tires, though.


These two points are the most important factors that you have to consider while choosing a mobility scooter.

·Driving Range:Distance that a scooter can travel after only one charge. The cost of a scooter increases with the length of its driving range.

·Weight Capacity:The maximum amount of weight the scooter can safely support. If your weight is greater than the motor's maximum weight capacity, it won't be safe and could damage the motor.

Customer Service

Since there are so many possibilities now and it's an expensive purchase, you should conduct some research before placing your order. The most crucial factor, regardless of which option you select, is to pick a business with a reputable after-sales service and attempt to select a manufacturer that can give warranty within the warranty period.

Due to the fact that using electric products invariably results in some issues, it can be very challenging for the client to resolve these issues on their own without professional support. Therefore, you must enquire about the warranty and the frequency of regular maintenance before purchasing a mobility scooter.

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