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Maintenance Tips for Mobility Scooter Batteries

The battery is an critical component of the mobility scooter, battery maintenance is important, proper maintained battery can last at least 3-6 months longer than a non-maintained battery.


1.Try to use a standard charger while charging.
2.Please do not interrupt the charging cycle.
3.Please do not operate your mobility scooter while charging.

    Your mobility scooter battery also needs to be charged frequently during storage (no damage to the battery), otherwise the battery performance will be weakened.

    When cutting off the power, you also need to unplug from the battery box in time.

    If you have not used the mobility scooter for more than 30 days, the first charge should preferably be 12 hours.

    Do not expose the battery directly to high temperatures. The increase in temperature causes the battery to lose water faster, thus accelerating the lead-acid battery to fail in a dry manner. Acid drying is a fatal factor to the life of lead-acid batteries.

    Please put the battery in a well-ventilated room when charging. The electrolyte in the battery is diluted sulfuric acid, although the battery is well sealed, the electrolyte will heat up during chargingso that some toxic gas will inevitably leak out. Therefore, it is better to charge the battery in a spacious and well-ventilated place to avoid the accumulation of toxic gas and its adverse effects onthe human body.

    Do not store the battery in low-temperature environment. The operating temperature of lead-acid batteries is generally around -86℉ to 140℉, and there will be some capacity loss below 32℉. When the temperature is low enough, the electrolyte will freeze and can no longer be used. The destruction of the electrical structure due to icing and expansion will also cause irreversible damage to the battery.

    Don’t forget to check the battery regularly and contact the manufacturer if there are any obvious areas of damage.

    And please note that all Metro mobility scooter batteries are lead-acid batteries and all the above maintenance information is for lead-acid batteries.

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