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How to choose the right mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter is a medical device as well as a lifestyle choice. It's important to pick a scooter that suits your needs, and your lifestyle.

Let me take you to a quick understanding of mobility scooter. They are built for people who have trouble walking or getting around, but don't quite need a power wheelchair yet. Mobility scooters can be ideal if you have limited mobility but still want to be able to visit friends and family nearby, do your shopping or get around town without relying on others to help you get around.

Indoor or Outdoor Use:

And before purchasing, whether you buy it for someone else or yourself, you need to know that where will the mobility scooter mainly be used? If it's for indoor use, you may want to choose a mobility scooter with better corner maneuverability, so a three -wheel scooter is more recommended because it's more flexible in small spaces. If you prefer a four-wheel scooter from the point of stability, choose one with smaller wheels and a tighter turning radius. Measure doorways to ensure the scooter will fit through. If the mobility scooter is for outdoor use, four-wheel scooters are highly recommended since it travels over bumps and rough terrain better. But larger wheels and pneumatic wheels will also make the ride smoother no matter it's 3-wheel or 4-wheel.

After understanding the difference between three wheels and four wheels, let's take a look at the most common models on the market now.

Main Models of Mobility Scooters:

A.Folding Mobility Scooter(Small/Portable scooters)

Those scooters are smaller, lighter and often cheaper than other type scooters, also can be folded or taken apart for transporting. And their relatively small solid tires allow them to be used in areas with smooth, flat surfaces, such as shopping centers.

But due to its portable nature, the size is not that big. So be sure to check it's maximum load-bearing capacity before purchasing. This type scooter may not be the best choice if you are too tall or heavy weight. And the max forwarding speed is up to 4.75mph.

B.Medium Sized Scooter

Medium sized mobility scooter is the most popular size that is suitable for general outdoor and limited indoor use. They are compact, portable and travel ready just like folding scooters. But offer more comfort features and longer driving ranges. They have been adjusted and upgraded in tires and comparing seats with small scooters. Usually, they come with a cushioned seat, lights for night use, shopping basket and pneumatic tires.

C.Heavy Weight Mobility Scooter

More suitable for tall and heavy users. They offer luxury, soft suspension, more legroom and power. They are more capable of being used more robustly on uneven terrain, steep hills and over longer distances.

This type scooter is ideal for people who have trouble working long distance and intend to use this product for a long time.

With so many options available now and it's a significant expense, you need to do some research before make your order. No matter which one you choose, the most important thing is choose a company that has a professional after-sales service. There are many uncertainties in the use of charged products, and these need to be resolved by professionals. So it's better to ask if there is a warranty period, otherwise you might have to pay for high cost of repairs yourself.

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